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Fantoni-Multipli CEO 01

Fantoni-Multipli CEO 01
30 天
fantoni-Multipli CEO

 fantoni 品牌故事

Verticalization of the processes, total design, research and technology are the basis of a top-level entrepreneurial activity. This is the heart of Fantoni group, leader in the production of Mdf and chipboard panels, office furniture, pre-finished floorings and sound-absorption panels.

The experience in wood working dates back to 1882, when Achille Fantoni found the firm: still now, a strong family character defines the structure of the group. A strong company philosophy features the actions of the group in all the phases, from the designing of the products to their marketing, from the communication between the companies of the group and with the outside.
Nature, environment and sustainable development, architecture, creation of new materials and individual creativity, industrial culture and culture of the project are the distinctive features of an activity which is constantly supported by a strong company identity.

Novolegno, Lesonit, Spik Iverica, La-con, Patt and Xilopack, support Fantoni itself in the constitution of an independent production system that starts from wood as raw material to the finished product. Melamine papers, laminated, glues and resins, pre-finished floorings, wood fibre (MDF) fruit and vegetable crates, sound-absorption panels and an independent production of electricity implement a system that is oriented towards the improvement of its own performances.


 Multipli CEO 描述

Designer Dal Lago Associati
Year 2008

A further, prestigious development of the Multipli collection: a design concept that sets an enduring example. The tops with 45° edge, a distinctive feature of Gino Valle’s unusual design, are entirely covered with leather. A material that is full of warmth and personality, available in various colours to create unique environments.

The history of the development of Fantoni’s 45° program could be called “Multipli evolution”. In 1968 Gino Valle designed Multipli for Fantoni, a furnishing program meant to meet the different requirements of office activities. The aim was to overcome the concept of office as “top-down structure” in favour of an open system, unconstrained and in constant evolution. The basic concept is indeed the modularity which is not limited to dimensions only but concerns also the shape of the different elements, without unnecessary decorative or functional details, including handles.
Each function of the work place is taken down to single elements that can be used freely, alone or in groups.
The basic concepts of Multipli program can be found in almost all the following operative and executive collections by Fantoni and became part of the company’s philosophy. For example, the 45° edge cut - which visually cancels the thickness of the tops, thus making a perfect volume of each single furnishing item – can be found in the “45” collection at the end of the 70s (the first offices to be furnished with this collection were those of Zanussi in Pordenone, also designed by Gino Valle), in the “Mèta 45” collection, dated 1996, and in the “Multipli” collection in oak finish, dated 2006. Whilst changing the other elements of the composition, this peculiar cut represents a distinguishing feature of Fantoni’s production. It is hardly ever found in other products as it requires the use of “inconvenient technology”. The 45° edge has an important role in the “shape-module” concept and allows numberless combinations.
The MultipliCeo collection, designed by studio Dal Lago Associati of Milan, now represents a further, prestigious evolution of the previous Multipli collection, a concept of design which has had a great influence over time. MDF tops with their 45° profile, a distinguishing feature of the original design by Gino Valle, are completely covered with leather, a warm material, full of personality, available in different colours to create unique environments.
The dematerialization of the panel, the dastial lines, the minimal features of the furnishings by Fantoni express a particular view of office space, an environment in which the absence of appearance for itself leaves space for action, a philosophy which no longer considers the office as a place “furnished for working” but as a micro-world which involves body and soul and means a continuous pursuit for total well-being, from the ergonomics of the seating to the freedom of movement in operative spaces,
to the new frontier of acoustic well-being. A blend which involves the whole person for an ever bolder project of wellness work.

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